Cana Island Lighthouse

A Well Traveled 2011

There have been so many changes this year. Beginning January 1st, I stepped down from a management position that had me running two stores 50 miles apart. This was the beginning of a transition that has led eventually to my leaving that company and starting with a new one after 20 years. This has allowed me much more time to pursue my interest in photography, create the business, and take many more “Photojourneys”, which is the subtitle of this blog. I have traveled to Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Kentucky, Chicago, and just returned from spending a day in Southern Indiana. These, I believe are just the tip of the iceberg. 2011 has been a transition period for me and I see 2012 with me being waist-deep into my passion for photography. More travel is being planned- possibly to even farther reaches. I’d like to start sharing the ton of photos that I have taken just this year as I get them processed and I figured this blog would be the best place. I also post on Flickr, Facebook, and Google+. But I think this will be my main portal to the web.

The Lighthouse on Cana Island

I loved this lighthouse in Wisconsin. We walked a short causeway to the island. It was a fairly dangerous area for ships because of the ledges that jutted from the island just under the surface of the water. There was once a shipwreck right off the island’s point. This is located on the Door County peninsula in Wisconson. That is the peninsula that protrudes itself between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. The lighthouse is on the Lake Michigan side.