Alas! The Ouabache!

Getting the shot

I wrote a post about a frustrating moment a week or so ago when I headed out after work only to miss some fabulous light and sky. I had been seeking a great spot to take a shot of an awesome sky. On the night I took this picture, I was thinking of that as well and pulled over where I could and got myself down to the river to take some photos. The sky was gorgeous and I just had to capture it. Just after a late autumn storm, the sky was clearing and the sun was setting. I was able to capture some of the setting and near the same spot used a puddle from the storm to get some great reflections of the sky.

I used what I had around me and found some fabulous beauty in a mud puddle ( that picture will be posted soon). Here is the photo along the river. The Wabash rises and floods a lot. When it does it washes out all the soil around these tree roots along the banks. They make for some fabulous shots especially with the sun setting behind.

Exposed tree roots along the Wabash River at sunset after a late autumn storm