I had a bit of frustration as I left work today. We had a brief snow and I as I headed out, the sky was clearing and the sun was setting. There were some awesome clouds with a gorgeous light from behind them. Wish I had a picture to show for it. I spent frustrating minutes watching the light fade from my car while stuck in traffic wishing I was in a great spot just waiting for this scene rather than rushing to try to get out of town to photograph it.

The fact of the matter is, I should have just stopped- pulled over of course- and found a composition from wherever I happened to be at the time. I am still learning to grab opportunities when it comes to shooting and unfortunately here I have learned from a mistake. Hopefully this weekend will afford more ops liek the one I missed and I’ll make sure I don’t miss it this time.


I am always seeking new inspiration. This could be by simply browsing Flickr or Google+ for inspiring photos, or perusing maps in search of places to add to my must photograph lists. Google Earth is great for this, especially with all the photos integrated into the maps. Seeing other’s great photos and dreaming of places to go myself gives some pep when I need it, like today after a bit of a disappointing evening.

To close, here is a photo from an opportunity seized. An unplanned excursion to McCormick’s State Park because of a tip from a gentleman earlier in the day. Talk to people and they will help you find great places to photograph.

waterfall at Mcormick's Creek State Park in Indiana during autumn