My Misty Lakes


I love the idea of processing my photos in no particular order. It really takes the pressure off trying to get each one “done” after a shoot. I took a suggestion from Trey Ratcliff, and just made a collection within Lightroom of Unprocessed photos. For instance the photo below was taken a nearly couple months ago. The morning I spent at these lakes I came away with at least a dozen pretty good shots I want to process. I have only done about half of them. One of the advantages I have noticed to this thinking is that when I process many photos from one location or shoot all at once, they all tend to get processed very much the same. If I spread those out over time, not only can I utilize more refined skills in processing as I learn, but I notice that each photo has a little bit different feel to it s well. I think my photos come out a little bit differently depending on my mood and things.

Fairfield Lakes

One of about a dozen from the lakes that morning. I was there from pitch black to full sun. Each photo gives a little more light a little less fog.

The sun burns off the fog at Fairfield Lakes Park in Lafayette, Indiana.