Planning for 2012

An itch for travel….

I have been working on the many photos I had taken in early October this year in North Carolina. I came back with so many great photos from such a quick trip- 4 days- down there. I have been setting my sights on 2012 and places I might try to get to. Already planned is a road trip through the southeast, probably ending up in the Florida Keys. That will be about ten days in February. I think I’d also like to head to higher mountains for next fall- The Rockies.

I am also tinkering with the idea of an international trip somewhere, but have yet to make any decisions on that. I am experiencing quite an itch to explore and may have to find a place to road trip to before the end of the year, too.

Here is a photo from North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway out of the batch that I have been processing.There were many scenic lookout points along the Parkway. For this one, though, I parked at a lookout but walked my way towards an opening that I had driven by on the way up the mountain. The view from here was much better.

A Blue Ridge Mountain autumn vista under brilliant blue skies near Asheville, North Carolina