In The Quivering Forest

Another from The Blue Ridge Parkway- I loved this trip! There is something magical about this place. The more I think back while processing these photos, the more I wish to go back there.

This, I think, is the photo that I wanted to come home with, out of hundreds that I took. I am happy with the lighting and the contrast here. The skies give it somewhat of a moody feel and it shows the iconic ridges fading into the distance. Overall, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the famous Parkway were a great place to visit and photograph. Of course, the mountains are beautiful. The Parkway is great however, in the fact that it is closed off to commercial traffic, is two lanes only, and the speed limits are osted for 45 MPH. This allows a nice leisurely drive. There are many official overlooks as well as random places to pull over and walk. The entire road and corridor along it is a protected National Scenic Highway.

I would like to be able to drive the entire length one day – 469 miles from near Asheville (where I was) up into northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Park. Ahh, another trip to plan.

The Blue Ridge Mountains in black and white on a cloudy evening