Separating Business and Passion

Or merging the two…

There was an interesting discussion on Trey Ratcliff’s Google+ hangout this evening. The recorded version can be watched post hangout on Many of the photographers still had day jobs, such as myself, while pursuing their passion for photography and trying to build an income from that passion. For myself, I feel that for the time being I am very thankful for my day job. It helps pay the bills. It is secure and and regular income. My photography, however, is not. At least not yet.

This gives me a unique advantage in the photography profession that I may pursue my passion and morph that into an income with no hurry or no pressure. I don’t have to take jobs or clients that I dislike or wouldn’t enjoy. In the long run, being able to steer my passion in the direction I choose is more important than being able to ditch the day job. Sure I would love to have more time to be able to travel, take photos, spend time processing them and posting them, but at least for now I really don’t mind. I work 40 hours on weekdays and it pays the bills. The rest of that time is mine for however I wish to spend it. And I wish to spend it growing the business. I had at one time worked at my day job for 60 or more hours a week, spending my time “after hours” preparing for the next days work, or next week, or next month. Now I can leave work and spend that time and, most importantly, the mental energy on something I love.

If this path takes me to the point I can pursue this passion full time, then great. At this time, I am enjoying the ride.

Walk with Me

This photo was taken late, late fall. Most of the leaves had fallen from the trees and were brown in the path here. Yet these low lying bushes had leaves that were just turning from bright red to brown. The leaves were at this stage of light pink that is actually quite rare in nature. I hope I have done a decent job of replicating that here in this photo.