It’s not the easiest thing, especially for me, to put my work out there along with my thoughts as in this blog. I guess the fear is being open to all sorts of criticism. Once you get over that it is quite satisfying. Most of what I receive in reality are kind words and compliments. So am I overcoming an insecurity or feeding an ego? That might actually depend on the day…

As an artist, there can be no greater anxiety than presenting something that you, yourself are proud of to a discerning public. With social networking, it is possible to reach thousands of people across the world. My photo, out there, to be reviewed, examined, compared and evaluated. What matters in the end is, and most importantly, is what you are happy with and sometimes enough is enough. For me, there are always things in a photo that I might wish to improve upon, but for the most part I get the photo to where I’m satisfied and leave it alone. Another may say- “How about a little more contrast here or some more saturation there?”, but there always has to be a place to stop. If there are things to be done differently, I might save them for the next photo, learn each step of the way and build upon each photo taken, processed and finally saved.

So, with sharing in mind, I’m going to try to share a photo each and every day. I may or may not succeed in the streak, but I will certainly post a lot more and make a point of trying. In turn, I ‘ll get some practice.

This shot was one of the first taken with my Canon 5D Mark II which I’ve had for a couple months now. I was still getting a feel for its capabilities and learning the controls, etc. I took a lot of brackets to get this shot and played a lot in post with it. It isn’t one of my finest, but I like the feel this photo has.