Dawn on the Icy Lake

This was sunrise yesterday morning. I never know what to expect when I go out. That is why more often than not- I just go. Where to go is always a dilemma for me. I want to be in the right place at the right time for these moments and it would be very frustrating for me if ended up downtown shooting buildings if there was a gorgeous sunrise somewhere.

Watching the weather conditions helps my odds, but like I said – you just never know. I have rarely failed, though, by heading to this man made group of lakes- Fairfield Lakes. There are four separate lakes and the Wildcat Creek flows by the area as well. There always seem to be opportunities here.

This morning there was a large bank of clouds heading east and everything was clearing behind it. The sun rose just as the clouds began to dissipate. It amazes me how fast the light changes at this time of day.I was waiting for the sun to add some color to the clouds and fiddling around in my camera bag. When I turned around, suddenly the sky was on fire. The shot below was taken soon after the initial burst of color. But I really liked how the purple and orange sky contrasted with the icy blue on the very edge of the lake.

sunrise on fairfield lakes in lafayette, indiana with ice on the edge of the lake and reflections