In Just A Little While

Trying to predict sunrises and sunsets- where to be and whether they will even happen or not has become quite a challenge for me. It is a challenge in a good way in that I enjoy learning more about the weather, astronomy, and the like.

It is challenging because, like the weather, there are so many factors involved that it is nearly impossible to predict accurately. For me I look for ideal conditions- weather systems moving in or moving out at sunrise and sunset hours. This particular shot was a sunrise while a weather system was moving out (east). If the edge of the system had been about 10-15 miles further west, I might have had much more of the wispy clouds for the light to reflect off of. But if it was too far overhead , it might have obscured the sunrise altogether.

The type of clouds, the speed of the wind, and even the general atmospheric conditions ( pollution, haze, etc) all factor in. Ironically, the details that make these daily phenomenons so hard to predict are the same factors that combine to make each one so unique. I will never tire of photographing sunrises and sunsets.

Sunrise over Icy Fairfield Lakes