The Wizard

I’m thinking this guy has a story. I didn’t stop to ask, but if you look closely, there are many clues to the kinds of tales that he may have to tell.

Street photography is something that I am trying to get used to. There are many ways to approach a subject. Some photographers engage with their subjects and hence get a few moments to make a portrait of the person they just met. To get a truly candid moment, though, it’s best not to bother asking. Get the shot that draws you before the camera is noticed.

I think we should always remember, though, that we are in fact taking photos of fellow human beings. I think this kind of shot can be done with respect to the subject. There was a pretty good crowd in the area when I shot this and after the shot we both kind of merged back into the flow of people and moved our separate ways. Getting the shot when they are looking right at you is priceless.

Man with staff and long beard and long coat in downtown Asheville, North Carolina