Why Can’t It Always Be?

I have been playing more and more with textures lately. Some photos just seem to beg for this kind of treatment. I think flowers do particularly well. It is possible to download textures from stock sites and other places on the web. I like to make my own by simply trying to capture some while I am out shooting. Sometimes I forget to think about grabbing some texture shots, but when I do, I notice a myriad f possibilites around me and sometimes get mor ecaught up in capturing those textures than whatever I was there to photograph in the firsat place.

Layering many textures together is a great way to make something completely unique each time. Tray Ratcliff at Stuck in Customs has a great tutorial on his site about this as well as some .jpeg files with many cool textures. But like I said, go out and make some of your own textures. It makes the final product completely unique and yours.

Late summer flowers at different stages of life…

Three yellow flowers at different stages of life photographed in Prophetstown State Park in Battleground, Indiana with added textures.