Williamsport Falls

I had to process at least one from this mornings jaunt to the highest falls in Indiana. There was a good amount of water flowing due to the snow melt and rain we’ve had. Spent a good two hours here getting a lot of shots. I will have to come back each season, I think, as it is a beautiful falls. It happens to be right in the middle of the small town of Williamsport, but as I climbed down into the gorge, I forgot all about the town waking up above me. This is the farthest away that I think I took a shot from. I got close enough to have to wipe the spray from the front of the lens after each set of brackets. That same spray under the huge canopy underneath the falls froze onto every rock and pebble making it quite slippery in spots.

Williamsport Falls photographed though the trees in winter

2 thoughts on “Williamsport Falls

  1. I LOVE this picture. I grew up in Williamsport and used to play here all the time as a child. I left in 1966, after high school graduation, to attend school and married later. After my parents passed, I do not go back much. Do you have a print of this picture? I would love to hang one in my home. Thank you, Marcy Hail

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