100 Blog Posts

Wow! 100 posts on chrisharnish.com… I didn’t think I could ever get myself to make this a habit. It has become integrated into my life, really. I now have this daily ritual of finding a photo, either new or from the archives, and putting it out there in cyberspace. I used to get pretty hung up on what I should write about and was worried that every post should have some profundity within. I don’t worry about that anymore. It’s all about the photos for me. Sometimes I like to give an idea of how I took the shot or what I was thinking. I usually at least tell where it is and what it is if it’s not obvious.

If you are here, thanks for visiting. Feel free to bookmark the site or add it to your RSS. I will certainly continue this as long as I am able.

Today is Charleston, South Carolina. The light was just fading to dusk as I walked upon this cobblestone street.

Cobblestone street at sunset in Charleston, South Carolina

I began with post a few months back musing about whether I should try to get on the photo per day bandwagon. You can read that here. Since November 30, I have put up a new post every day, save but one. I missed a day while I was on vacation. Oh well. I am not concerned with streaks or being perfect. I’m just glad I have a habit that I love and hope you enjoy as well.