Sand and Sea

Indiana Dunes State Park and National Lakeshore- I spent today hiking the dunes there. This is no easy feat. Between the sandy footing and the steep hills, I got quite a workout. So I took it easy on the way back to the car by walking along the beach. This was one of the few times that the clouds parted for me today.

I used to today to scout this area out. I had been here before but swimming was the main activity that day. I plan on using these winter months to scout out some locations close to home. I believe it helps to be a little familiar with an area when you want to do some serious shooting. Don’t get me wrong. I took advantage of every opportunity I could for great shots today as well, but next time I will know exactly where to go and what not to bother with. Scouting just isn’t practical for me for anything much further away such as Colorado or my upcoming trip to Florida. I’ll just have to utilize any skills on the fly and make sure I take advantage of all opportunities as I did today.

Sand formations along the beach at Indiana Dunes