Goin’ Froggin’

This airboat awaited a father and son adventure into the Everglades of Florida for some frog hunting. This was sunset and they were preparing to head out. The boy told me they would be out most of the night. Would have loved to go.

The pictures from this evening were a lesson in themselves. I had spent a good part of the early afternoon at Bahia Honda back on the Keys. But my 30 minutes pulled over at a rest stop/rec area of I-75 Alligator Alley proved to be the best pictures of the day. I was lucky that I found such a nice spot. It was one of those times when I hadn’t planned on taking any pictures, yet the sun was setting beautifully and I knew I was about to drive into the thick of the Everglades and was just hoping for a good spot. Just before the interstate turn off, I saw a photographer that simply pulled to the side of the road to get some shots of the sunset. But I wanted more than that.

The colors and clouds in the sky were changing rapidly as I entered the Interstate and pulled off at the first exit, which are also recreation areas with picnic spots and boat pull-ins as well. Unfortunately, the first pull off was on the wrong side of the road and I gave up on it right away. I was feeling like I missed it when I saw a sign for another rec area. The sun was dipping below the horizon at this point and I had missed the sun actually setting, yet I knew I had some time to still catch this gorgeous color. As luck would have it, this area actually went back under the interstate and over to the other side – where the sun had set. Another bonus was there was a beautiful river running through this part of the swamp.

Anyway, circumstances came together and I ended up with some great Everglades sunset shots after all. This airboat even pulled up to the dock while I was shooting as an added bonus.

An airboat docked on a river in the Everglades in Florida near Alligator Alley Expressway