American Bald Eagle

I have known for a while that these birds were in the area again. I have seen a few when I have had my camera handy yet never was able to get off a good shot. Finally- not the greatest, but the first! I have a lot of respect for wildlife photographers that spend their livelihood taking pictures of any bird. It is difficult to get a good shot. It takes patience and and good long lens to boot. This was taken with my 70-200mm from just less than a hundred yards I would say. I was tipped off to his presence by a jogger that noticed him. I kind of tried to sneak up on him because I knew I would have to be pretty close to get a good shot. Once I was in range of the camera I started shooting knowing he would fly away any moment. The branches are cluttering the shot but this was as close as I got before he flew off.


A Blad Eagle perched in a tree in Lafayette, Indiana