Evening on Disney’s Boardwalk

New and Improved!

I’ve been playing with trying to get some bigger photos in the blog section here. I always thought the portrait photos were a pretty nice size, yet whenever I posted anything landscape oriented, it looked minuscule comparatively. I think this is a pretty good size now. Many people have much bigger monitors now and I wanted to take advantage of it.


I walked this area as the sun went down and later as the lights came up along the boardwalk area. This is that really nice period where there was still some light in the sky, yet the lights were coming on as well and casting some great reflections on the water. It was fun walking around this lake and getting different perspectives of this area. Except when my wife texted me that they cleared the hotel due to a fire. Everything was OK though and no harm was done.


After sunset on Disney's Boardwalk Resort with lights reflecting in the lake