Enter, Dusk

I have given myself a bit of a talking to after a weekend that kinda brought me down, photographically speaking. I laid a goose egg this weekend and didn’t take a single shot that I liked. I drove to some places without a real plan in mind and paid the price by coming home with nothing to show. The plan now is to have a plan. I am marking calendars for weekend trips and planning the extended ones. But even when heading out for an evening of shooting, I need to have something in mind. Even if the idea fails, at least I have experimented with an idea. No more driving around the countryside without any aim. Well, unless that is the plan……

This evening, a storm was petering out as the sun was setting. I knew it would be cool, so I headed out. Instead of aimlessly driving around looking for a place to plant my tripod, I went straight to my destination, come hell or high water and was pleased with the results. There was nice light and I ended up down by the creek watching the storm front roll past. It was a good night tonight….


Storm clouds rolling over Wildcat Creek at dusk