The Pru

The sun cuts through the foggy morning over the city of Boston. I like to give my photos a little something extra. Some may say that I have taken it too far and the photo no longer accurately represents the scene. I think that photography, for editorial purposes should be pretty straight forward. Even some photos that I would call artistic are really representations of a moment caught in time with a camera. That is what is moving about them. That moment remains true and that is what is moving about the photo. Other times, however, – about 90% of the time for me – I like to put my own bent on the subject. I add a little bit of myself or the mood I was in when taking the photo or even processing it. Sometimes the music that I listen to as I work on photos  has a lot to do with the final outcome. Either way, this is part of the fun for me – transforming a static photo into something a little more personal. In the photo below, the fog and my first morning in the busy city were all hitting my senses and I really saw this scene as much more dramatic than the people around might have. I tried to convey that in the final photo. The colors are toned down and the fog is enhanced. I only rarely add elements to photos that didn’t exist in the first place, but it all depends. I added no “effects” to this shot other than color toning and selective contrast. It is a 3-shot bracketed handheld HDR. I would never be able to capture both the details in the buildings and the sun bursting through the fog in one shot.


The Prudential Tower in Boston as the sun bursts through the foggy morning