Always A First Time

This was the first sunset captured by my Canon 5D Mark II about a year ago. The 5D was an upgrade from a Rebel Xti (10MP) – As I scrolled through my library of pictures in Lightroom, it was not obvious at what point I made the switch just by looking the photos. I made a commitment a year ago to start improving my skills behind the camera and within post processing. I do love this camera, but it has very little to do with the progress that I have made. The most noticable change is taking way more photos, traveling more, seeing more, and taking my camera with me practically everywhere. This combined with my love of post processing and spending many hours on both. It comes down to practice. So much more to learn. I feel there is not enough time in the day! Anyway, the reason I post this – the camera was one day old and I did not have to remove ANY dust spots! 🙂


Sunset on an autumn field in rural Indiana