Autumn On Chalk Creek

The morning of this shot was the only morning I ventured out solo during my trip. My wife stayed back at the cabin, cozy by the fire. It was a chilly enough morning that it was especially difficult to get my ass and my gear out there. I knew that I wanted to get to Chalk Lake, a small lake up the road that we had passed going up and down the canyon more than once. It seemed I was in luck as the morning seemed to keep the winds on the calm side and I knew I was going for some reflections. There were some trees showing some great autumn color along the edge of the lake and that made for some wonderful reflections by themselves. But I was hoping for something more grand and I kept making my way around the lake. Mount Princeton was situated so that I knew I would have to be on the opposite side of the lake to get it’s reflection in it. Patiently, I made my way, setting a couple times along the way for a few shots. This however was what I was looking for. My 16-35 would not get wide enough to capture it all. I composed a panoramic shot to get the entire scene. This is an HDR stitch and blend of 12 shots total- 6 brackets to my left and 6 to my right, blended in Photomatix and stitched together in Photoshop. Sharpened with NIK, and a few select filters in OnOne’s Perfect Effects along with selective noise reduction with Noiseware. Overall, I was very happy to finally get my mountain reflection shot.


Autumn reflections of Mount Princeton on Chalk Lake in San Isabel National Forest in Colorado.