Just Keeping Time

I am looking throughout my Lightroom catalogue, and browsing through stuff from about a year’s past. I grabbed this one and processed it. It is from october 22, 2011. It gave me an idea to process something from each week from 1 year ago- something that never made the cut, but might deserve a second chance. A year ago I might simply have had no idea what to do with it. I have learned a lot as far as processing and I have a few more tools at my disposal too. So, good or bad, I will take on this exercise and post the result each Wednesday here.


To begin, I took a walk last year downtown. I have really nice black and white from my shots of this sculpture, but I liked the minimalism of mostly just sky and sculpture here. This is The Millennium Sundial that sits on the John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge that runs from Lafayette to West Lafayette, Indiana. This overlooks the Wabash River.


The Millennium Sundial overlooks The Wabash River upon The John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge between Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana