My One Post A Day Experiment has been an overall success! I feel that I have made the best effort to get one photo a day out there for over a year now. My goal for the coming year is not so much a daily consistency, but more quality. I intend to practice a little bit more on my writing skills and aim to create more posts with richer content. I shall also be re-organizing my online portfolio to reflect more the kind of photography that I offer and want to offer. In the meantime, please feel free to follow along with daily posts on both Facebook and Google+. I will also continue using my Flickr account as a catch-all for almost all of my final edited photos. There will be some better organization over there as well.


This is all part of an attempt to take my photo business to the next level in 2013. I will be holding myself to completing some personal projects, and focusing my efforts on building up the business side of things a little more.


For a final “daily” photo for the blog I give you more of Chicago.


The guts of one of the bridges over the Chicago River, taken from a water taxi ride.



The beams on the underside of one of the bridges over the Chicago River as taken from a water taxi