It’s Been A While…

My! How time gets away from us. I ended 2012 with with a post and have not added anything new here for quite a while. 2013 is shaping up nicely as far as travel plans go. Kristine and I spent our anniversary in New Orleans. It was a quick trip – 4 days – 2 of them driving there and back.


What a gorgeous city! There are certainly leftover signs of devastation from Katrina, but this city was never about to die. It is still as vibrant, energetic, and wild as ever.


On the heels of that trip are plans in just a couple of weeks to head down south again – Charleston, Savannah, and Florida. It’s spring break for my daughter so we will hit Disney World and see my mother. I am looking forward to getting another chance to photograph Charleston again and it has been even longer since I’ve visited Savannah.


Later in the summer, Maine is on tap. We have a week planned and a house rented to celebrate  my mother’s 80th. I will be trying to figure out a way to get to Acadia National Park as well.


As far as this blog, I hope to post regularly here again. It is good therapy to write something every day.


So for now, I leave with a recently edited photo of The Great Sand Dunes National Park from last fall.



The peaks of The Sangre de Cristo mountain range just beyond the dune field of The Great Sand Dunes - Colorado.