The Bridge Over Cooper River

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge or New Cooper River Bridge connects Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC. On our trip to Charleston, we decided to stay this time over in Mt. Pleasant. We drove over this bridge on the way into town, and I knew I needed to go home with a shot of it.


The weather played tricks on me as we experienced a lot of rain while in Charleston, but as the evening progressed the rain let up and I made the short walk to the park underneath the bridge. I thought maybe my best shot was going to be wide, taking in as much of the bridge and city lights as possible. But I made my way as close as I could get by heading out a long pier that extended into the river. I took this shot and didn’t bother looking for any others. This was what I wanted to come home with.


The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge AKA The New Cooper River Bridge lit up on a foggy night in Charleston, South Carolina