North Christian Church – Columbus, IN

More Daily Posts

So it’s high time that I started posting daily around here again. It’s one of those “good” practices. It keeps me tuned up. It is some work, though. But it also forces me to get some of my processing done and out there. I enjoyed the full year that I posted nearly every day and I gave myself some lee-way after that and now my postings are few and far between. So to kick off a streak again, here is one that I have been wanting to process for a while now and I just got to it this evening.



There is a ton of modern architecture in Columbus, IN. It’s as if they just let some architects run wild through the city. It’s great. This church is one of the highlights. There is more than one unique church in town, though this one has some impressive gardens surrounding it. I was lucky to be there at just the right time to see the trees in full bloom.


The North Christian Church with surrounding trees in full bloom.