Forever Is Not So Long

I spent a Saturday morning at Pine Hills Nature Preserve next to Shades State Park this weekend. I walked the trail through the woods in the dark before sunrise and arrived in the canyons there just as the sun was coming up. Though the conditions I had hoped for didn’t pan out for me, I took the opportunity to take some detail shots in the early morning light. I thought this one turned out pretty nice and was worth sharing. If you have not been, Pine Hills Nature Preserve is one of the small gems Indiana has to offer. The main draw is certainly the “backbone” ridges that run atop these little canyons, but my favorite place to be is down along the creek beneath the massive canyon walls. In the right conditions, it can be quite a little wonderland.


Maple leaves and Honeycomb Rock in Pine Hills Nature Preserve in Indiana


Photo Details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Settings: 105mm Focal Length, 6 seconds @ f/16 (yes, absolutely no wind), ISO 100

This was one exposure. The wind was nonexistent and the leaves did not budge. The main trick was to adjust the Hue, Luminosity, and Saturation settings for the Green channel in Lightroom. This helped me really bring some pop to the leaves and help them stand out from the rock behind. NIK ColorEFX Pro helped bring some warmth to the rock and and Color Contrast to further help the leaves stand out and ensure good color separation. Sharpening was also achieved with NIK Sharpener Pro and I skipped any noise reduction as I didn’t see much correction needed to be made.