Pockets Full of Dust

I’m still posting photos from last fall. Sometimes I tell myself that I just need to buckle down and work on all the old photos from past trips and get them done. But then it would be over. Every time I grab a shot in my catalogue from a previous trip and work something different with it, it’s like I’m reliving that adventure all over again. The other reason I hold on to these is that I find that if I process these all at once, they end up all having a similar look and feel. Allowing some time to pass in between tackling these shots lets me treat each one a little differently. In time, I learn new techniques or come up with new ideas or simply see something that I didn’t on the first pass.

I have also, over time, realized that some of the shots I have been holding onto just aren’t up to snuff. I have shots that I saved from 2 years ago that need to be archived away and left alone. I rarely delete anything, but these shots are good to go back to just to remind myself that I have made some progress over the past few years. So now I go through thousands of shots and weed them down to just the ones that meet my current criteria.

For now, the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado- one of my favorite places on earth (what little I have seen of it).


Patterns of sand at Great Sand Dunes National park