Trying to fit in my daily photo posting has been difficult. Believe me , it is not for a lack of photos to share. It’s much more an issue of time. Don’t we all wish we had more of it?


I drove myself up to Chicago one weekend in late September. The trip was kind of a trial run to see how I could work out the logistics of getting up there on a regular basis and not breaking the bank on hotels, parking etc. It takes two hours from my home to get to downtown if traffic is not too bad. All day parking can be found for as little as $5 bucks a day, and coming home the same day, I can avoid hotel expenses. One of my goals for 2014 is to hit the city more often and on this trip I proved to myself that it can be done. Despite not having been to most of the cities on my bucket list yet, I am already convinced that Chicago is right up there as one of the finer cities in the world.


I scouted out the North Beach area on that little jaunt and here is one of the shots of the beach itself.


North Avenue Beach in Chicago, Illinois