Street Angles

X100S 1/1500 f/8 ISO 800


Having a lightweight camera on me most of the time has allowed me to photograph a lot more than I would have in the past. Being able to turn a random scene like this one into a photograph without many of the steps entailed in busting out the DSLR from the backpack, getting the right lens on and taking the photo. Many times in the past, I might not have bothered, had the wrong lens on for the scene, etc.


With the camera I use now most of the time, the X100T, I find myself just getting the photos that interest me and there is really no excuse most times not to press the shutter. It is limiting in the fact that I only have one focal length to work with, yet I find that this actually keeps me from overthinking a scene.


I have been checking out many other street photographers online recently and will probably feature some of my finds here from time to time. I am thinking of a weekly or biweekly blog post that might look at a photo from another artist and write an article just based on that photo or artist in particular.


For now, just my photo from Chicago back in September. This was taken with an X100S that I rented for the trip and the camera that gave me the itch to try mirror-less.

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