Summer In Maine

With fall making its presence known and the sun favoring the southern hemisphere, I have been finishing off a few photos from my summer in Maine. I like this one in particular as it has a lot of elements that remind me of my time there. Sure, there was ocean and salty air, cool lighthouses and awesome rocky beaches. But this little garden area next to the ice cream shop was pretty cool too. Yeah. It’s the little things……


Flowers at a roadside garden in Maine

She Called Me To The Ocean

The beautifully colored layers of rock on the coast of Maine. Bailey Island is full of great spots to witness the ocean and land converging in the most dramatic ways. My favorite that I witnessed during our trip out there was along The Giants Stairs Trail. You can climb out onto the rocks (depending on the conditions) and get as close to the ocean waves as you dare. I took about three trips to this spot.

Layers in the rock formation at Giant's Stairs - Bailey Island - Harpswell, Maine


Photo Details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: Canon EF14mm f/2.8L II USM

Settings: 14mm Focal Length, 1/20 sec @ f/22 and ISO 100

Processing: As I almost always do, I took six bracketed images for this scene. In the end, this scene was captured quite well in the base exposure. I was able to get some detail in the sky and I also had lots of great color and detail in the rocks, so I scrapped the other exposures. Lightroom handled the highlight recovery and some contrast. Then, on to Color EFX Pro for some color correction and added contrast. Noise was minimal, so I did not have to use anything more than a slight adjustment in Lightroom. The one added element here is the fogginess on the left side. I thought there was too much contrast across the board and I really wanted all the contrast to be focused on the rocks. I used Color EFX Pro’s graduated Fog Filter, tweaked to just the areas I wanted to tone down. I think it helps with the overall mood of the image as well.

It’s Only Waves

The last shot I took at Pemaquid Point on my last day in Maine. I set my hat down next to my bag as I composed this one and realized back at the car that I hadn’t come back with it. Me and the hat have been through a lot, so it was a run back to the rocks to retrieve it. And one last view of the amazing sea…


The surf at Pemaquid Point in early morning light