– PRICING (Updated 1/3/2012- Prices are subject to change. Prices are not locked until quoted by the photographer)

You may also download this price list here.

All pricing is by session. I have 3 different sessions to choose from based on time. All sessions include the photographer’s time, editing, retouching, as well as an online private proofing gallery. With a signed model release, included also is a disk with all final images in web ready, watermarked format for personal use only.



Portrait Sessions: (Seniors, Babies, Children- Limit 1 person only)

Extended Session*- 2-3 hours at up to 2 locations- $200 produces about 75-100 final images

Regular Session- 1-2 hours at 1 location- $140 produces about 40-75 final images

Short Session- up to 1 hour at 1 location- $70 produces about 20-40 final images


Group Sessions: (Corporate, Family, Multiple Children, Bands- up to 6 people. Additional persons @ $20 each)

Extended Session*- 2-3 hours at up to 2 locations- $225 produces about 75-100 final images

Regular Session- 1-2 hours at 1 location- $150 produces about 40-75 final images

(No Short Session offered for groups)

*Extended Sessions include a complimentary yet completely optional 30-60 minute consultation, scheduled anytime before the session, if you would like to meet the photographer and lay out your expectations or ideas beforehand.



Proof Books- Online Proofing is free with any session, but you may wish to have a book to touch and feel and share or as a keepsake: Includes a spiral bound book with cover picture printed on quality photo paper.

  •                               8X10             10X13
  • Extended                  $60               $85
  • Regular                     $45               $65
  • Short                        $35               $45





All travel within Tippecanoe County for multiple locations is included at no extra charge. Extended sessions with 2 locations will be at no charge if total mileage is 30 miles or less to and from all locations. Additional miles are at $0.50/mile and $35/hour travel time.

I am open to extended travel for any session. I expect itemized expenses to be covered. Best to e-mail for details on any extended travel.




All prints can be ordered directly from your private proofing gallery and are processed at professional photo labs of my choosing. All quality is guaranteed by Chris Harnish photography.

Following are basic print prices- There are many sizes and papers to choose from and even many specialty products. A full selection and pricing list will be available in your proofing gallery.

5X7-                $10.00

8X10-             $18.00

9X12-             $20.00

11X14-           $26.00

16X20-           $45.00

20X30-           $69.00

The online proofing gallery is easiest to order prints from, but if you prefer to have a disk with a high quality image or images available to you to print unlimited from the lab of your choice, you may at the following prices:


$10 per image or

Extended Session Complete Set: $200

Regular Session Complete Set: $150

Short Session Complete Set: $100




Chris Harnish photography guarantees that you will be happy with the final images produced. If there are no images that make you completely happy, I will retake the session or refund your session fee- your choice.


Any prints ordered: If you are unhappy with any image delivered from the lab for any reason, I would like to see it, hear what you are unhappy with and I will deal with getting it to meet your expectations. If I can’t you will be refunded anything paid for that print.

These are archive quality prints and arrive to you ready for framing or mounting. All prints are guaranteed for a lifetime against fading and cracking under proper mounting conditions. Simply return the print to me and I will produce a brand new print.







Where are your wedding packages?


–      Each wedding is unique and there are many options involved. I would have a hard time justifying charging thousands of dollars for a quaint wedding with a few family members, taking up only a few hours of my time. On the other hand, some couples want to document the entire process from engagement to rehearsal to wedding and reception. It is best to contact me if interested and we can sit down and discuss specifics. Any consultation would be free of charge.


What other photographic services do you offer?


–      I am open to any sort of assignment. Please use my contact form to get in touch with me. If it may be outside my expertise, I can get you in touch with someone who would be a good fit.






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