Christian Science Church – Boston

After browsing through Google Images and Google Maps prior to my trip to Boston last year, I put this on my ‘must shoot’ list, especially since it was a short walk from where I’d be staying. This is a fabulous park with a reflecting pool that extends the length of the grounds. It was perfect at night catching the lights from the city in the water. The older, original church is nestled in between the Prudential Building and the newer Mother Church.


Christian Science Mother Church and reflecting pool


Photo Details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM

Settings: 20 second Exposure @ f/5.6, 16mm Focal Length and ISO 200

I actually took 3 bracketed exposures for this shot, but threw out the -1 and 0 exposures. I liked +1 the best due to the sky having more motion to it. And it was not so overexposed in any area that I was unable to bring back the details in the highlights. After some initial treatment in Lightroom, the image was exported to Photoshop and I used some NIK Color EFX Pro to bring out the details and contrast. OnOne’s Perfect Effects was also used to give the night scene a bit of glow. Final adjustments were back in Lightroom, including a touch more clarity and a gradient filter placed roughly over the water to bring out the reflection a bit more.

Clouds Over Boston

The weather unleashed some rain on this afternoon last summer in Boston. From my brother’s awesome rooftop vantage, you could see the cloudburst off in the distance there in the middle. Getting ready for another road trip  out east- this time to Maine. Looking forward to lots of coastline and pounding surf to photograph.


Rooftops of Boston with dramatic clouds overhead