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Review of the Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Zoom in the Reviews Section


I rented this lens for my recent trip to Boston and was glad I did. I had a lot of fun with it, but it may be too specialized for me right now. Read more here.


Kresge Auditorium – MIT

Kresge Auditorium on the MIT Campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Designed by Eero Saarinen, the same architect who designed the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.  The building was named after Sebastian Kresge, who funded the project. Kresge started a chain of department stores that would later become known as K-Mart.


Kresge Auditorium on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts


Dearly Missed

Memorial to a student killed in a collison with a vehicle while on their bicycle on MIT’s campus in Cambridge, MA. In a city with a campus such as this, there are bound to be run-ins between pedestrians or bicycles and motor vehicles. Sadly, early this year, this one ended in tragedy. There is really nothing gained by being in a hurry. So many times, on my way to work, for instance, I see a vehicle speed past me, weaving in and out of traffic, only to get to the next stop light quicker and have me pull up beside him a few seconds after. Slow down, look around. This goes, of course, for the bicyclists out there too.


Memorial to a student killed in a collison with a vehicle while on their bicycle on MIT's campus in Cambridge, MA.

Purdue Mall Walk

Again- Purdue University from a recent solo photo walk I took there. When they design a  campus, they seem to go for symmetry a lot. Probably the math majors… It makes for cool photos though.

If there is a campus near your home, grab your camera and head out. There are so many opportunities at most of them.

Purdue University's Mall sidewalk in sepia tone with selectively added color.