New Orleans – Abstract

Walking through New Orleans, it is still easy to see the signs of the devastation and damage that still lingers from Katrina. I can’t say if this broken window pane is even related to the hurricane or not. But I thought this picture summed up a bit of the way I felt about this city when I visited.


Display behind broken window in New Orleans

From Within

These vines outside this abandoned garage seemed to play and tease with those stuck inside. They seemed to bunch up against the window fighting for any sunlight possible.

I was driving around Brown County, Indiana and stopped for gas. This is a picture of the garage next door to the shiny new gas station. What caught my eye especially were the vines trapped inside. They flourished inside the dark , abandoned garage. Yet they seemed to be screaming to get out into the sunshine.

Autumn vines growing on an old abandoned garage near Nashville, Indiana