Glow Over Chalk Cliffs

A winter break is in order and I will be signing off of blogging and social media until the first of the new year. I need a break to gather thoughts and work on my craft. My winters are usually a time of change, and when I emerge from this one, I’d like to know which direction I’ll be heading. I love the interaction that social media provides. I can browse through a Facebook or Google+ stream and be inspired, learn something new, and stay up to date with loved ones as well. But it does consume minutes and hours and with so few hours of daylight, my time seems very compressed during this part of the year. I have so many items on my to-do list right now and it is just time to get to work. I have lighting to learn, projects to piece together, and a business that needs some direction. I have a crapload of photos on my hard drive that need some organizational attention. I want to study – really study – the work of some of the photographers I consider masters of their craft. These are all things I have put off for these darker winter months and I am simply ready to get down to it.


Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.


I’ll be back invading your streams in the near future, hopefully with some worthwhile things to share.


For now, a photo of a dawn near the Chalk Cliffs of Mount Princeton, an October or so ago. I really miss the mountains and hope that 2014 affords me the chance to get back west.



The Chalk Cliffs at the base of Mount Princeton

The Gates To The Garden

It is hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year since our trip to Colorado. Editing this photo made me wish I was on my way out there again this year. For this one, my wife and I got up early and headed to the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs. Only one other car in the parking lot, the place felt like our very own playground for the morning and the sunrise gave us quite  a welcome.


Garden of the Gods at sunrise in Colorado Springs, Colorado



Breathe Light

The photos were endless here at Rocky Mountain National Park. I will certainly have more to share for a long time to come.  This was taken somewhere along the trail from Bear Lake to Emerald Lake. I am sure that I stopped every 5- 10 minutes to take some photos, making an hour and a half hike more like 3 or 4.


The peaks in Rocky Mountain national park as seen from the trail


Photo Details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: Canon EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM

Settings: 6 bracketed exposures @ f/5.6, 33mm Focal Length, ISO 100

Photomatix did a good job with the bracketed exposures. I took the result and blended it back in Photoshop with the -1, 0, +1 exposures. Contrast was added with OneOne’s Perfect Effects, and Sharpening with NIK Sharpener Pro, Final adjustments and cropping in Lightroom 5.