Fairfield Lakes

X100T 1/60 f/2 ISO 320


I have a few locations near me that I will take the camera sometimes when I just need to get out and shoot. Every photographer, I am sure, has this small list. Sometimes these places can seem so mundane, especially after returning from vacation where your experiences were all brand new. But the real gift is that they exist at all. To have a number of “photo spots” whether they be natural or urban assures that you can always be somewhere quickly when you need to get out. These are places I am able to go with my camera and take a quiet morning walk and a few photos. It is all well and good to explore unknown places, but having this short list helps when you only have a few minutes after work or a weekend full of chores.

One of the places that I find myself visiting often is Fairfield Lakes. It is just a cluster of man made fishing lakes near the Wildcat River. A good walk is to trek along the creek and around the lakes. There are two lakes on either side of the country road that intersects them. I’ve never seen more than a handful of fisherman there and when the weather isn’t ideal, I am usually all alone there.


X100T 1/60 f/2 ISO 500


I’ve actually seen quite a bit at this particular park and there is always something new for those who keep their eyes open. I found the above snakeskin nearly 100% intact one day recently. I think I will do a couple blog posts that feature some of my favorite places in the near future.


X100T 1/60 f/2.8 ISO 400