The Calling

Last year, our autumn trip took us to the Blue Ridge Mountains. This year, I head west. In a few weeks I’ll be setting out to visit the Colorado Rockies for the first time. The Fall season and mountains just simply go hand in hand. I can’t imagine another autumn without mountains in them.



“The mountains are calling….” – John Muir


Blue Ridge Mountains on an autumn afternoon near Asheville, North Carolina


As I drove the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Asheville, North Carolina area last fall, I could help but stop at every pull-off (and some places where there was no place to pull off). Every twist in the road would give me a new breathtaking view. My plan was to drive farther than I did along the scenic road, but I took many more pictures this way and it gives me something to go back again for.


Blue Ridge Mountain vista near Asheville, North Carolina