Spring On The Campus

On Purdue University’s campus is Discovery Park, a fairly new research park with a lot of modern architecture. The McGinley Fountain here on the left has some older icons of this campus etched into the glass panels.


The McGinley Fountain in front of The Morgan Center on Purdue University's campus in springtime


This fountain on the Purdue University campus is an iconic place for photographs. I like to look for something different when I am at places like this. I knew the sculpture around the fountain would make a good black and white and the fountain wasn’t running since it was winter. This is called simply The Engineering Fountain as far as I know. I guess engineers can’t be blamed for not being so creative with names….


Black and white of the Purdue Engineering Fountain at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana


By the way, when I take pictures of an another artists work, I do my best to try to credit them as well- This fountain was designed by Robert Youngman.