Breathe Light

The photos were endless here at Rocky Mountain National Park. I will certainly have more to share for a long time to come.  This was taken somewhere along the trail from Bear Lake to Emerald Lake. I am sure that I stopped every 5- 10 minutes to take some photos, making an hour and a half hike more like 3 or 4.


The peaks in Rocky Mountain national park as seen from the trail


Photo Details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: Canon EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM

Settings: 6 bracketed exposures @ f/5.6, 33mm Focal Length, ISO 100

Photomatix did a good job with the bracketed exposures. I took the result and blended it back in Photoshop with the -1, 0, +1 exposures. Contrast was added with OneOne’s Perfect Effects, and Sharpening with NIK Sharpener Pro, Final adjustments and cropping in Lightroom 5.

Fletcher Mountain

For some dramatic Rocky Mountain views, take Highway 91 from Leadville to Copper Mountain. Here is Fletcher Mountain, about halfway. This is where I tried to hike a path that would have led me up past the treeline had it not been for the beer I had in The Leadville Saloon not twenty minutes earlier tuckering me out. It was an ambitious thought though. I turned around after talking to some hikers on their way back down who had obviously made this their activity for the entire day.


I thought maybe I could do it in an hour at the most. But this would have had to been about a three hour hike at least. My wife surely would have run out of patience by then, waiting for me back at the parking lot and all. I did take lots of photos, though.


A view of Fletcher Mountain from the path that leads to the Rocky Mountain peaks



Photo Details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Settings: 73mm Focal Length, 1/200 sec Exposure @ f/8 ISO 100

I took 6 bracketed exposures, I threw out the darkest, and blended the remaining exposures in Photomatix. I then took all exposures plus the Photomatix result into Photoshop CS6 and blended in the best parts of each one. The final blend was then tweaked with for color correction and sharpness in NIK Color EFX Pro, and I added some contrast to the mountainside with a black and white blend. This was done with the help of OneOne’s Perfect Effects. A little noise reduction for the sky and back to Lightroom 5 for a final crop and a slight vignette.

St. Elmo – Ghost Town

Here is one of the better kept buildings, a small church, in this ghost town. It is not completely abandoned though. It seemed to be the last outpost at the end of the road before heading off into off-road trails and such into the mountains.


An old church building in the abandoned town of St. Elmo, Colorado