Delicate Balance

The Lakes on a foggy autumn morning.

I have been having fun lately playing with some textures on some of my photos. I think that with the right photo and the right texture, a really nice work of art can be produced. I have been inspired by some folks I have been following on Google+. +Trey Ratcliff , +Philippe Sainte-Laudy ,+Sarah Jarrett ,+Doug Landreth are all wonderful at taking a photograph and  adding wonderful textures to them. I think that a texture can add depth to a photo. Good textures are made from other photographs rather than computer generated patterns. I love taking photographs for this purpose alone and when I composite a piece from all of my very own work it makes it a little more special, at least for me.


Fairfield Lakes in Lafayette, Indiana on a foggy autumn morning

Forever Gone

This is a late summer sunset in the flatlands of Indiana. You can see on the horizon how numerous these things are, just harnessing the wind that blows unimpeded across these plains. Parked on the side of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, I just set up camp and watched the sun go down, taking a hell of a lot of pictures of these turbines.


Wind turbines stretch into the horizon during a late summer sunset in the flatlands of Northwest Indiana