Friday Composite




Thought it was time to do a little something crazy with post processing, so both photos were still taken today and composited together. I think the feel of this photo gives a sense of what our weather was like today.



Stand There

The trails on Great Head in Acadia National Park were a great choice to spend some time on. If you are looking for iconic views of Maine’s rocky coastline, then traversing the trails on this little peninsula will not disappoint. Every side of the rocky peninsula afforded awesome views of the ocean and Newport Cove. The weather at this point was varying from moody and foggy to bright sunshine as the fog burnt away.


The view of Newport Cove from Great Head in Acadia National Park

Clouds Over Boston

The weather unleashed some rain on this afternoon last summer in Boston. From my brother’s awesome rooftop vantage, you could see the cloudburst off in the distance there in the middle. Getting ready for another road trip  out east- this time to Maine. Looking forward to lots of coastline and pounding surf to photograph.


Rooftops of Boston with dramatic clouds overhead



Breathe Light

The photos were endless here at Rocky Mountain National Park. I will certainly have more to share for a long time to come.  This was taken somewhere along the trail from Bear Lake to Emerald Lake. I am sure that I stopped every 5- 10 minutes to take some photos, making an hour and a half hike more like 3 or 4.


The peaks in Rocky Mountain national park as seen from the trail


Photo Details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: Canon EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM

Settings: 6 bracketed exposures @ f/5.6, 33mm Focal Length, ISO 100

Photomatix did a good job with the bracketed exposures. I took the result and blended it back in Photoshop with the -1, 0, +1 exposures. Contrast was added with OneOne’s Perfect Effects, and Sharpening with NIK Sharpener Pro, Final adjustments and cropping in Lightroom 5.