Forever Gone

This is a late summer sunset in the flatlands of Indiana. You can see on the horizon how numerous these things are, just harnessing the wind that blows unimpeded across these plains. Parked on the side of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, I just set up camp and watched the sun go down, taking a hell of a lot of pictures of these turbines.


Wind turbines stretch into the horizon during a late summer sunset in the flatlands of Northwest Indiana

…And So The Wind Sang

Had a great experience photographing these this past summer. It was an awesome evening with a great sunset. I hung out on a dirt road and photographed wind turbines as the sun went down for about two hours. I know- everyone’s idea of a great time!

Honestly, though, it was a good overall experience. I scouted out this area beforehand, finding a road that I could practically drive right up to the base of a few of these. It was a infrequently traveled road so I would not be bothered. A great sunset was promising this day and I headed out to the location. The light was gorgeous so I just stayed until it was pretty much pitch black- almost two hours.

I liked it out there though. All that could be heard was was the constant wooosh of the blades of the turbines spinning.

Wind turbines in northwest Indiana at sunset near a cornfield