The Races Of Man

Last weekend, I spent a morning here at Holliday Park in Indianapolis near Broad Ripple. I found this place when browsing Google Maps for places to photograph in and around Indy. The ruins that make up the centerpiece for this park caught my attention. These Indiana limestone statues that sit atop the columns here in the park used to reside on Broadway in New York City as the facade of the St. Paul Building. When they decided it was time to renovate, the sculptures were donated to the park that was under construction here in Indy. The sculptor is Karl Bitter and the park is need of help to realize the vision that was intended for these works of art. The reflecting pool is dry and the installation seems to be crumbling away in what is an otherwise beautiful park. Though the ruins make a cool photo, I think it would be even cooler to see them displayed properly. If you want to learn more about the plans for the park and the strange journey these sculptures have made please visit here.

The Ruins at Holliday Park including the sculptures,


Remember Maine

Small scenes such as this one epitomize the state of Maine just as much as powerful waves crashing against the rocks or iconic lighthouses. When I am out with my camera in a new place, I try to make a point of capturing the little things as well as the beautiful vistas.


Decor on the lobster shack near Erica's Seafood

Turn and Face The Strange

This is the interior of the spooky old beach house at The Indiana Dunes State Park beach. I thought that maybe this place just took a beating through the winter months, but I am told that it has been in need of some upkeep for years and has been quite neglected.


The interior of the old beach house at Indiana Dunes State Park